Supersonic Man

November 9, 2021

the right wing’s rejection of reality is now its defining attribute

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In earlier times, if we wanted to explain the difference between the left and the right in politics, we might talk about individual vs community, or big vs small government, or diplomacy vs militarism, or multiculturalism vs traditionalism, or equality vs inequality, or even communism vspoli capitalism. You could say it divides people between the compassionate and the selfish, or between the religious and the secular, or even just between the urban and the rural. But nowadays, in the United States of America, all such historical distinctions have now become secondary. What now separates our left and right is that one holds to reality while the other wholeheartedly rejects objective reality for fantasies and lies. One is sane and the other is not.

Some see this disconnection from objective reality as a sudden and startling transformation, but if you’ve been paying attention, it isn’t. Our right wing has been building up to this for a long time.


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