Supersonic Man

October 15, 2012


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Long time no post.  Long time no get out of the house and see anything, let alone get good pictures.

The migratory waterbirds are returning.  And we get plenty of a species that I have not photographed before: cinnamon teals!

I also caught a blue-winged teal, which was also new to my camera:

This guy who is apparently flying without wings is probably a green-winged teal (a familiar denizen of the area):

We haven’t gotten out to enjoy the wetlands properly — and especially not to take pictures — in weeks and weeks.  It was wonderful.  She was delighted with how we kept seeing another new species, and another, and another.  Song sparrows, northern harriers, northern shovelers, northern pintails, a mute swan, goldfinches, vultures perched in a blooming century plant, a gadwall, avocets and stilts, a mass of unidentified shorebirds… and isn’t this pintail just the handsomest thing ever?

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