Supersonic Man

July 13, 2012

more new ones

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I recently learned that a gang of Auduboners came out to the parking lot at my job, to observe the birds there.  So it’s not just my amateurish ignorance that makes it seem like a prime birding spot.  Last time I took my camera there, I got a species I’d never seen before — a bullock’s oriole:

And I got a good long look at a pair of swainson’s hawks, which I’d previously only had a very distant shot of (probably one of those same two).  Here’s one of them in flight:

Check out this jackrabbit, who was practically right under the two hawks.

Here’s a sipping anna’s hummingbird:

A few days earlier, we went to the local wetlands, and walked farther out there than usual.  A noisy family spooked a wading bird out of the cattails, and I briefly hoped it was a rail, but it was a junior green heron.

but what surprised me was a mute swan, which isn’t native to these parts.  Probably someone decided to stock a pond with some for decorative value, and this one didn’t want to stay there.

Here are some snowy egrets in flight.

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