Supersonic Man

May 20, 2012


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I was just gonna watch its progress with a pinhole projection, but she wanted to actually look at the sun.  So we made a last minute scramble for some kind of filtering medium.  What we came up with, thanks to an idea from someone at the local hardware store, was the mylar film that is sold for tinting car windows.  We found a roll that was rated for blocking the majority of IR and almost all of the UV.  But it wasn’t very dark… we got only moderate tinting, because she wanted one she could actually use in her car.  (It has old tinting film that is cloudy and bubbly and needs to come out.)

By pulling the roll of film out into a cone, she could look through a variable number of layers — just move the tube horizontally in front of her eyes until the sun was a comfortable brightness.  She was thrilled — she’d never watched a solar eclipse before.

I cut a strip off the end of the roll, and made an eight ply cheapass neutral-density filter for my camera.  (It was a bit thin to look through directly.)

And check this out on the ground:

In some of the late shots, I can make out a sunspot in the lower right.

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