Supersonic Man

January 17, 2012

curlew with crab, snow goose, meadowlark

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Went to the Hayward Dump, I mean Hayward Regional Shoreline today.  This is a fake-ass wetland that isn’t the least bit convincing as a natural habitat, but still manages to attract a fair number of birds.  But most of them were so shy I couldn’t get anywhere near them.  One nice exception was this long-billed curlew, seen here attempting to eat a crab which it had no means to either swallow or dismember.

Here are some dunlins.  There were hundreds of them out past the low-tide mud, and hundreds of godwits a bit further out.  There were a couple of avocets, a black-bellied plover, and a great egret.

A solitary snow goose flew overhead!  They normally like to congregate in the northern central valley.

In the grassier areas, there were kildeers, canada geese, house finches, song sparrows, black phoebes, american pipits, and another new species for me: western meadowlarks.  Unfortunately almost none of them would let me get within a hundred feet of them for a picture, especially not the meadowlarks.  Hence the terrible picture quality here.

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