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January 4, 2012

birds of DC

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Oh, I forgot to post the birds I saw in Washington DC.

What, you were in our nation’s capitol?  Yes, my brother lives there, or rather in a Maryland suburb, and he hosted Christmas this year for me and our parents.  Supersonic Woman was going to go, but got sick and had to stay home.  There’s a whole story I could tell about how he’s starting a new self-employment business…

Anyway, while there I rather hoped to see some common birds that are not common here.  Like black-capped chickadees instead of chestnut-backed chickadees, or cardinals instead of scrub jays.  But because it’s winter (though as yet mild and without snow), there were hardly any birds.  About the only one in the yard that was new to me because of different location was the Blue Jay.  (We commonly call our local jays “bluejays”, but they’re actually western scrub-jays and steller’s jays.)

There were three of them.  Later we went to an arboretum on the Anacostia River.  My mom saw a cardinal there but I didn’t.  We saw downy woodpeckers, cedar waxwings, a red-bellied woodpecker:

…and a pair of bald eagles.


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