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July 24, 2011

flexible width themes

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(This is partly for my own reference, so I can go back and look at what I’ve tried.)

A partial list of “flexible width” themes that are utter failures at having flexible width:

Chateau, Duster, Twenty Eleven, and Coraline, for starters.  These four appear to be the only “flexible width” ones that offer an image header, which I wanted, since I went to the trouble to make up such an image for the default theme.

Andrea.  This one has some flexibility and isn’t too cramped, but it shrinks pictures (with a lower limit) when narrowed, and runs into a ceiling when widened.

Next, a list of themes that actually do have flexible width, but still fail badly at accommodating variable width photo content:

Fusion, and Rounded.  They truncate the right side of any photo that’s too wide, with no scrollbar.

Finally, themes that actually accommodate stuff in the width that I post it:

WordPress Classic, Silver Is The New Black, and Shocking Blue Green.  These are bare bones and unexciting, and tend to have the sidebar slide on top of wide content such as photos, obscuring the overlapping portion, when the window is not wide enough for both.  Not ideal, but better than shrinking the picture to some dinky size, or worse yet cutting it off so you don’t even know there’s more picture there.

WordPress Classic and Silver Is The New Black don’t even show the tagline text.

Wait, there’s Rubric… turns out this lets you put a small custom image in the header.  It plunks the sidebar over the pictures, but with a transparent background.  It doesn’t show the tagline.

I think that covers all two-column themes, except Girl In Green, which has a big obnoxious non-customizable image in it.  Time to look at the really basic single-column options…

Hey, there aren’t any!  They’re only optional layouts for the two-column themes.  Coraline, for one, claims to have a one-column option but don’t have it at all.  Chateau has it but still sticks you with a narrow maximum width.

I guess I’m going with Rubric.


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