Supersonic Man

July 18, 2011

wordpress themes

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I see that WordPress is still struggling with the difficult concept of layouts that adjust to the user’s browser width.  Most of their themes involve either a fixed total width or a fixed maximum width — a design decision that, in this day and age, marks anyone who uses it as an asshole.  And of the few that really permit arbitrary width, I haven’t yet found one that doesn’t either lack basic features common to the fixed width choices, or fail gracelessly when dealing with wide pictures, or both.  (In fact, so far it’s always both.)  At least this one, “Silver Is The New Black”, avoids the worst sin: cutting off the right side of pictures while giving no visual indication that you aren’t seeing the whole thing.

Plus, there doesn’t seem to be any way to try out a theme without destroying some of the customization of the existing theme when I go back to it.  Weirdly, some customization that is preserved when moving to certain new themes still disappears when going back to the one I’d previously been using.

And it would be nice if the editor could keep up with my typing, particularly when I backspace… it’s not like I’m using a slow computer or a slow browser here.


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