Supersonic Man

July 10, 2011

commence emblogment!

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I have decided to start adding posts to this blog and see later if I can get any readers to it.  For now, the obvious thing to add is photo posts.

Today Supersonic Woman and I were going to go for a hike, but she got tired and opted out.  So I went out for one by myself, and on pure impulse ended up hiking a lot faster and higher and further than I’d planned.  It was at the Lafayette Reservoir, which is right near my apartment so I can walk there from home.

And as I was climbing the hill near where they’re building the new water tank, a red-shouldered hawk flew past me.

It came out of an oak tree in which I was hearing a whole bunch of acorn woodpecker noises — presumably a crowd of them chased it out of their tree.

More photos below:

Then it perched on a branch of a dead pine tree.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized it was red-shouldered rather than red tailed.  Those pictures are rather tightly cropped so it’s lucky they came out as clear as they did.

An hour later I ran into a six-point buck:

and he was accompanied by a half-grown fawn:

Then I got down to the water.  Instead of the usual ducks, I saw two of these:

I also saw a bird further away that turned out to be a pied-billed grebe (and I thought grebes only liked salt water), and my best guess at identifying this is that it’s a juvenile pied-billed grebe.  [This was later confirmed by real birders.]

I also got a grainy snapshot of another unidentified bird… assumed it was a lesser goldfinch at first, but I think it must be some kind of flycatcher.  There’s about eight kinds that all look roughly like this.

The kind that’s supposed to be most commonly is the pacific-slope flycatcher, but that’s supposed to have a prominent white ring around the eye.

[The real birders say it’s an ash-throated flycatcher, but their stated reasons for saying so don’t convince me, as they are mentioning colors that just aren’t there in this grainy picture.]


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