Supersonic Man

November 12, 2010

Why a duck

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Having created this just to have a WordPiss identity, it occurs to me that I miss having a blog.  I used to have a LiveJournal, and I still miss what that was in the days before LJ died of all the cool people leaving.  Nowadays I occasionally look at my Friends page there and there’s only one guy still posting regularly.  (I see that WordPus has no equivalent to the LJ “friend” concept, which is unfortunate.)

But I figured that if I wrote here, nobody would read it.  I have a lot less active social connection going on online nowadays than I did five years ago.  But then, the only way to find out if anyone will read is to write.  My website has plenty enough traffic, so if I link it there, I’ll at least get some curious strangers.

I notice that I have a long-term pattern in my life of alternating between periods of sociability and periods of solitude.  At seventeen I had lots of friends — I was even in a clique of sorts.  At twenty I was a loner.  At twenty-four I had a big social network.  At twenty-seven, none again (well, I was homeless at the time).  And so on, though as I age the period gets longer.  Anyway, I feel ready for an upturn in connectivitude.

I foresee three main categories of stuff to put here that isn’t just private life personal stuff which has no place here (at least yet)…  photography, rants (including politics), and nerd stuff.  I’ve created a category for each, and like baby birds their gaping maws are now hungry for content…


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