Supersonic Man

November 10, 2010

Do Not Read This Post

Filed under: fun,Hobbyism and Nerdry,life — Supersonic Man @ 11:39 pm

Lorem ipsum dingbat asshole spew spree squint squaw dork. Flatule fork fiddle zing zero caca cork golfer clit clip fletcher cooper brewster bowler. Twist twee runny organelle transduce toast tickler nu nasa nebish nak. Bagel nematode mitochondria metamucil? Flummery foes goes gning, re rumple umpire. Ululatory unguent sponge hunger longer rugger bug slug. No nigh neigh new nah? Motor meritricious mumble number thump tamp trip sweep peek pit slot spork.

Sigh sartre arthropodic pant glint gummy crop cluster moustache attache chemise please miser surprise rhizome chrome cunt cribbage bag bled blue. Wheeze squoze parse ursine persimmon whoreson parson cartrige sail sling fester fridge truncheon trap part rapt prat tarp. Single decimal autumnal elephantine panty crunch chunk coach choke catch check etching singer sling English fishing buzz cloaca sweet sweat swat. Embed calumny aluminum minimally fashion forfeit chartreuse eruct nation passion. Bow fight tide slight mike stride collude pollute assume atone stun smilodon bomb ram ten fin ring stick pith pat prate bride bleat fled rather fodder sodden border broad protrude noodle.

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